Michigan Voter Information Center


  • Enter your address at vote411.org to see personalized voting information, which candidates and/or proposals will be on your own ballot and find your polling place. Note: all candidates were invited to answer questions related to the position they are running for and not every candidate participated

TV Warren – Meet the Candidates

  • Watch and listen to the candidates introduce themselves on the TV Warren’s Vimeo channel – https://vimeo.com/838179830. Note: all candidates were invited to participate and not every candidate participated

Warren Weekly Candidate Responses

Macomb Daily Mayoral Candidate Responses

Macomb Daily Clerk Candidate Responses

Macomb Daily City Council Candidate Responses

Note: although this article states that there will be 36 candidates on the primary ballot, you will only see Mayor, Clerk, City Council At Large and depending on where you live: your respective Council District candidates and not all 36 candidates.

Map of City of Warren Voting Precincts- PDF

  • Warren Council Ward 1 – Highlighted in Yellow
  • Warren Council Ward 2 – Highlighted in Red
  • Warren Council Ward 3 – Highlighted in Green
  • Warren Council Ward 4 – Highlighted in Orange
  • Warren Council Ward 5 – Highlighted in Blue

Official Google Sheets List of Candidates running for office in Macomb County in the August 8th Primary