Important Dates

It is so important that we have your vote on August 4, 2020 during the Primary Election to help us in our campaign for county commissioner. I will need all of your support to advance to the general election,
so please get out and vote on or before August 4! Because of the public health crisis we are all experiencing, it is now more important than ever for you to 
request an Absentee Ballot so that you can safely vote by mail from the comfort of your home or where ever you may be.

AUgust 4, 2020

Our Primary Election is on August 4, 2020 and we are depending on your support to advance to the general election! Please be sure you are registered to vote by this date so that you can participate in the primary election. Vote for MAI XIONG

November 3, 2020

The General Election is on November 3, 2020. Voters will be deciding on a new President, Vice President and we’ll also be on the ballot so be sure to vote for MAI XIONG, Democratic Candidate in the general election too!


Register to Vote

Need to figure out which district you live in and who represents you? Find all the 
federal, state, county and local officials who represent you in government here.

Find out if you are 
registered to vote in Michigan.

If you aren’t registered, you can complete an online 
State of Michigan Voter Registration Application.

It’s now more important than ever to vote without compromising your health or safety during a pandemic, print a 
Michigan absentee voter ballot application form so that you can vote safely from the comfort of your own home, or where ever you may be. 


Covid-19 Resources

We are all better off when we are all healthy — especially the most vulnerable among us. Any one person’s wellness depends on everyone else’s. Whether it’s people with chronic health conditions or people without shelter, our undocumented
neighbors or people living in detention, people providing vital services or those who can’t forgo a paycheck to stay home, we must ensure all of us can access the care we need and have the support required to make the best choices
for everyone’s health.

Here are some resources I’ve gathered to help us get through this pandemic.

CDC Topline Data on COVID-19 | State-by-state list of election status during Covid-19

National Governors’ Association | Tracking steps each state has taken to address COVID-19 

American Federation of Teachers | Online resource for teachers and parents educating students remotely 

The New Economy Initiative | Support for entrepreneurs and small businesses In the Southeast Michigan area.