Mai is an independent voice for all families

Hi Neighbor! Welcome to my online space. My name is Mai and I am currently serving my second term on the Macomb County Board of Commissioners, District 11-Warren. It would be an honor for me to continue working for you as your new Warren City Clerk. I humbly ask for your vote and support in the upcoming election on August 8, 2023. I will continue to work tirelessly to earn your trust and confidence. Together, we will create a community that we can all be proud of.

My name is Mai Xiong [pronounced: My Song] and I am married to my best friend, Adam Kue, a graduate of Fitzgerald High School. We married in 2010 and chose to start our family in Warren. As lifelong residents and homeowners, we know that Warren is the best place to raise our four children. Our children currently attend Warren Consolidated Schools.

I am running to become your next Warren City Clerk. I want to give back to the community that has given our family so much. I will work to improve our city and make it an even better place to live by ensuring that every resident has a voice in the decision-making process.

In my current role as Commissioner, I successfully secured funding to support our senior citizens, veterans, individuals with disabilities and worked to protect public transportation systems and funding for our first-responders.

As your City Clerk, I will work to make sure that our elections are conducted safely, securely and that the process is transparent.

I will streamline and modernize the city’s record-keeping system by implementing an agenda and meeting management software that provides residents with easy access to public records.

I will work collaboratively with other elected officials and residents to build a more just and equitable system that supports everyone.

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Mai’s Plan for Warren as your City Clerk

Accessible Voting

I strongly believe that election’s belong to the people and will work to protect the right to vote by addressing barriers, and making it accessible and equitable for all

I will work to expand the absentee voter list, increase the number of drop boxes across Warren and ensure that the clerk’s office is in full compliance with Michigan election laws and Proposal 2

I will recruit culturally diverse and multilingual election workers to assist individuals, and partner with public transit to provide transportation for residents to get to their polling location

Secure Elections

I will ensure that elections are conducted safely, securely and that the process is transparent

I will work to implement measures that safeguard the integrity of the election process. This includes using secure and reliable voting machines, ensuring that voter rolls are accurate and up-to-date, and providing training to election staff to ensure that they are knowledgeable about election laws and procedures

I will also work closely with local law enforcement and election officials to ensure that polling places and drop boxes are safe and secure during elections.

Voter Outreach

I will serve as a point of contact for individuals seeking information or requiring assistance regarding city government

To increase voter engagement, I will connect with our youth, high school students, senior citizens and communities of gathering, by hosting voter and absentee registration drives, and educational workshops

I will eliminate organizational barriers and ensure that individuals who may have language or cultural barriers are provided with interpretation and language access

I will publish newsletters and updates, and utilize technology to interact and better connect with residents

Transparent Government

As a part of my commitment to transparent government, I will make sure that the city clerk’s office is responsive to the needs of our residents

I will be accountable and accessible to the public, and information regarding elections and voting procedures will be readily available

I will promote transparency by not holding election commission committee meetings in private to build trust and encourage public engagement and participation


I will be accountable to the residents of Warren and prioritize communication and engagement to ensure that residents are aware of the office’s activities, and are provided opportunities to give feedback or input on matters that affect the community

I am committed to promoting integrity and accountability in the city clerk’s office. I will prioritize measures that ensure the office operates openly and honestly

Access to Public Records

Making public records easily accessible allows residents to participate in the decision-making process and promotes a more engaged and informed community

I will modernize and streamline the city’s record-keeping system by implementing an agenda and meeting management software that maintains public records in a consistent manner, reduces the risk of errors, and simplifies the process of accessing public information

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