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My name is Mai Xiong and I am married to my best friend, Adam Kue, a graduate of Fitzgerald High School. We married in 2010 and chose to start our family in Warren. We know it’s the best place to raise our four children. Our two eldest children attend Cromie Elementary School. We are owners of a small business on Twelve Mile in Warren. 

I am a first time candidate running for Macomb County Commissioner to serve the communities of Center Line and Warren. I want to give back to the community that has given our family so much. I will work to improve our county and make it an even better place to live by supporting our seniors, protecting our environment, fixing our roads, and making sure that we lift the income of every family. I will work to make sure Macomb County continues to be an affordable and welcoming home for families of all backgrounds.


Macomb County is our home. We chose to keep our family grounded here. We have to invest in our communities if we want to continue keeping families and working-class folks here. These are the issue that matter to us.


We must protect those who have protected us our whole lives. Keeping seniors as independent as possible and in their own homes needs to be a priority. I will work to make sure our senior programs are adequately funded to meet the needs of our present and future senior populations. 


Macomb County is home to one-of-a-kind natural resources. Our own Lake St. Clair is the heart of the Great Lakes. We must protect our Great Lakes from Asian Carp, increase recreation and sport on our lakes and waterways, and ensure access to clean drinking water. I will fight to keep our water resources safe for our children and generations to come.  


We deserve safe and reliable roads to get our families to school and work. The conditions of our roads are unacceptable. The residents of Macomb County deserve better. I will fight to get our fair share of road funding so that we can make the long overdue improvements our roads require.


The future is better for everyone when we have access to lifelong educational opportunities. We need to continue to make sure that our residents have access to lifelong learning, training, and post secondary education opportunities. Our goal should be to lift the income of every family. Even as a small business owner, I understand the importance of raising the minimum wage.

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