Hello, I’m Mai Xiong

I’m running to be your next State Representative

My late father, Vang Shoua Xiong, and mother, Der Vang, were born and raised in Laos. The CIA recruited my father when he was 17 to aid American soldiers during the Vietnam War. After the war, my parents fled to avoid persecution. In 1984, I was born in the Ban Vinai Refugee Camp in Thailand. My parents sought asylum in the U.S. and I was 3 when we were accepted. We arrived in Akron, Ohio. My parents enrolled me in preschool, and I was the first in my family to have a full public school education.

While they hardly understood English, my parents realized the importance of obtaining an education and U.S. citizenship. In 1997, we became naturalized citizens.

In 2003, after graduating high school, I moved to Warren, to attend the College for Creative Studies. I took summer classes at Macomb Community College. I lived with my sister, taking the SMART bus from Warren to the Detroit campus.

After graduating college, I met my husband, Adam Kue. His father, Kue Fong, had been a high-ranking military officer in the Royal Lao Army.

Here in Warren, Adam and I chose to start our family after marrying in 2011. Our parents had paved the way for a better life, and fought for our freedom, and my right to vote. We are fortunate to live in Warren, as it provides a positive environment for our four children. We are forever grateful to our parents and to those who work to protect it.

By 2020, I was at a point where I could give back to the community that had given me and my family so much. When I saw that my four children didn’t have leaders in office who looked like them, I knew I had to step up. I’m grateful to have been able to run for office, and to have been elected by the residents of Warren to serve as the first Asian-American and former refugee on the Macomb County Board of Commissioners. I am overjoyed at the opportunity to help so many of our residents in my role.

I believe government should work for every citizen –and we must keep fighting to protect it! Now, I’m running for Michigan’s 13th House District to build on the progress that’s been made in our state! I hope to earn your vote, on or before January 30, 2024.



Pledge your vote for Mai Xiong for State Representative, on or before Tuesday, January 30, 2024