Mai Xiong for Warren City Clerk is proudly endorsed by labor unions, elected officials and community members


State Senator Paul Wojno
Former Warren City Clerk


“Having served as your clerk in Warren for many years, I am honored to endorse Mai Xiong as the next Warren City Clerk. Mai’s impressive qualifications make her an excellent choice for this important role, and I have no doubt that she will prioritize the safety and security of our elections.

Mai’s dedication to public service is truly commendable. She understands the importance of including all members of our community in the decision-making process, and she is committed to ensuring that every voice is heard.

What sets Mai apart is her commitment to transparency, which she has demonstrated in her role as county commissioner. She has made difficult decisions and taken public votes under the Open Meetings Act, and she will bring this same commitment to transparency to the clerk’s office. Mai has pledged not to hold election commission committee meetings in private, in order to build trust and encourage public engagement.

I urge you to join me in supporting Mai Xiong for Warren City Clerk on August 8. With Mai in this important role, you can be confident that your voice will be heard and your vote will be counted.”

–Paul Wojno, former Warren City Clerk


“I support Mai Xiong’s campaign because she is a hardworking public servant. I believe her passion and experience is a perfect combination to bring into Warren City Clerk leadership.”
–Cassidy, 17-year-old Senior in High School


Former Congressman
Andy Levin


“I’m all in for Mai Xiong! Every city should be so lucky as to have someone who both sweats the details and defends democracy like Mai will. She’ll do us all proud.” – Andy Levin


“As a longtime resident of Warren, I am thrilled to see new candidates like Mai Xiong running for office. For too many years, Warren city government and politics has been a limited arena. With the inclusion of candidates from different backgrounds, we become more reflective of the world around us, and have new opportunities to learn from one another. Mai’s determination and willingness to work hard for the people make her an excellent candidate for Warren City Clerk”
–Kathy Swan, Retired Warren Consolidated Schools Teacher